Free class for women at risk for depression during pregnancy and postpartum

El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos will be offering a new class for pregnant and mothers of infants at no-cost. Pregnancy and Postpartum Resiliency Circle is a six week class focused on building resilience and coping skills for women who may be experiencing high levels of stress or are at risk of developing depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

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Any women experiencing high levels of stress can benefit from this class. However, for women that may be at risk for depression this can be crucial. Women who would benefit from this program might be those who have experienced:

Personal/family history of depression or anxiety
Fertility issues
Stress over the health of baby or mother
High risk pregnancies
Previous pregnancy losses
Difficult previous birthing experience
Marital conflict
Isolation and lack of support
History of trauma

Depression in the #1 complication after childbirth.

If you have any questions, please contact Dolat Bolandi, MFT
(408) 264-0100