Childbirth Prep

Childbirth Prep

Childbirth Preparation Class Testimonials


“There was a great blend of medical and emotional teachings.  I really liked practicing positions, breathing and relaxation.  She was so well prepared with medical techniques, and very open, warm and supportive.   She was very patient and made sure we were all learning.  We loved Lori! She was fantastic!”

“The scope of the class was great and the flexibility of topics and what was important to us was really helpful.  We also liked the videos and hands on demonstrations.  The instructor enhanced our learning experience with handouts, videos, and demonstrations.  She was patient and willing to repeat information in different words and took care to answer all our questions.  Lori is an excellent teacher and is willing to learn from her students and their experiences.”


“This class was very informative.  We liked practicing the labor pushing positions.  We enjoyed real life examples form our instructors experience.  The instructor was knowledgeable and class was very informative.”

“We really liked the personal stories and tips I didn’t know about before.”

“Lori’s class was excellent!  We loved the personal and funny anecdotes.  Lori is the best!”

“Lori’s classes were excellent.  We liked the delivery of the information, content and the instructor.  She is a very capable instructor!  Lovely to attend.”

“Lori provided excellent information and was very personable.  It was very easy to ask questions.  There was good coverage of topics.  She was informative, but entertaining and provided good props, visuals and examples.  We felt very supported and that all of our questions were answered clearly and with good humor, a very calming and educational experience.”


“We felt very good about these classes.  Lori is very friendly and informative.”

“We felt that these classes were very informative.  Lori offered a lot of information and is very knowledgeable.”

“We liked Lori’s casual nature.  Lori was great, very sweet and unintimidating.”

“Lori is very knowledgable, kind and unbiased presenter.”

“This class was definitely worthwhile.  There was good discussion of all the options available.”

“Lori was well organized and thorough in providing information.  Loved all the informational handouts.”

“There was a good amount of information and time spent on labor, postpartum and baby care in the hospital.”

“This class was outstanding and super exceeded my expectations!  We appreciated the personal kindness and passion of the instructor.”

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