Articles & References

The information listed includes various informational articles, reports, and references that pertain to the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. This information may be researched as an extension to our classes.  Parents are encouraged to feel empowered and responsible in making educated decisions regarding their maternal and infant care.  Keep in mind that there are always two sides to every issue and that there are benefits, risks and alternatives to most medical procedures and medications.  Parents are encouraged to further their research, remain objective and to openly communicate with their caregivers about any questions or concerns that they may be having.

Provider Listings

The practitioners listed are recommended for their specialty in pregnancy, birth, and newborns and for their holistic view on alternative birthing practices and parenting. Feedback on these practitioners is always appreciated.

All providers listed on Early Advantage’s referral lists work independently of Early Advantage and do not carry any endorsement or guarantee from Early Advantage. Each consumer is responsible for thoroughly interviewing and checking references in selecting a service provider to meet their individual needs.

Provider contact information is not to be used for sales or marketing of products or services to the providers listed here.

Recommended Book List

The following books address topics that include pregnancy, birth, newborns, breastfeeding, nutrition, child-rearing and much more. These books share natural and holistic elements in their philosophies. It is nearly impossible for me to condense the list of books in each category, so I have put an * next to my favorite of favorites. Some of these will be readily available at any public library or for purchase from Amazon or your favorite local book store.