Suggestions for Choosing a Doula

  • Should be someone who is compatible with your lifestyle.
  • Should be someone who is not affiliated with a particular doctor or hospital.
  • Find out who her backup is in case the one you have chosen becomes unavailable.
  • Find out her education and experience and ask for references.
  • Question her about prenatal and postpartum visits.
  • Does she have a consultation fee?
  • Has she worked with your midwife, physician, been at any home births or at the hospital you have chosen.
  • Discuss fees.
  • Is she supportive of the father’s role and needs of the family?
  • Does she have personal limits that she will or will not work with?
  • What are the services she offers?
  • Is she readily available? How can she be reached?
  • Does she have other clients due near your due date?
  • What is her training?
  • Does she help you feel confident?

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