Intensives & Refreshers

Intensives & Refreshers

Private Intensive & Refresher Class Testimonials


“Lori was great, very informative and organized.  We really liked the examples and practice, helpful information and handouts.”

“These classes were excellent and very informative.  We really enjoyed the practice activities.”

“We feel that the service provided was very good and informative.  She delivered in a supportive manner without any sense of ‘judgment’.  We also enjoyed the diagrams and thorough review of what to expect in labor.”


Noreen & Rehan

The labor experience was WONDERFUL and I owe a lot of it to everything you taught us to get us ready for it.  Rehan was great and helped me through all the breathing (he remembered way more than I did)!  And did a bunch of relaxation exercises throughout the delivery.  He even helped pull our baby out and cut the cord (something he was hesitant about before)!  The whole thing was amazing, we still can’t believe we have a little baby!


Arzina & Syed

We were both extremely pleased with Lori’s personal touch and her willingness to come to our home for classes.  We also felt very comfortable asking her personal and intimate questions regarding our pregnancy and didn’t hesitate for a second to pick up the phone and call her when necessary.  All of this was facilitated by Lori’s openness and generous nature.  Lori definitely loves what she does and it showed!  Her enthusiasm and excitement for us made everything so comfortable.  It also made us even more excited about the coming of our baby.  We just can’t say enough about Lori’s enthusiasm and interest in our baby!  We were, to say the least, extremely satisfied at all levels, with Lori’s help.  She guided us during the most trying and stressful time (the labor) and comforted us — when we needed it most.  We were pleasantly surprised by just how much she helped us.  Thank you!

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