Bradley Classes

Bradley Classes

Bradley Method Class Testimonials


“Lori is like a ‘ray of sunshine’ – she can make even the most challenging of topics palatable and even fun.  She finds ways to discuss not so fun things with a smile.  I appreciate the class content including nutritional information, relaxation techniques, and the natural and alternative remedies.  Lori enhanced my learning experience by sending out additional resources as emails, bringing ‘show and tell’ of various items, being highly organized, answering questions and being open to students expressing themselves.  She was great.”

“I respond well to visual aids, so the images and passing items around were both helpful.  I enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions throughout class and the overall structure of class, relaxation techniques, videos, etc.”

“Lori had a very down to earth approach that was great.  She made the material non-intimidating and was very open to questions.”

“Lori provided a great overview of all topics and we liked how she was able to talk about challenging topics in a light-hearted way.  We also liked how she sent additional emails and provided us with a wealth of personal experiences.  Lori is awesome!”

“I really like how Lori explains things.  She is enthusiastic, animated and well-informed.  We really, really enjoyed Lori – she is awesome and I’m sad class is over.”

“Lori helped me understand women’s issues that I had no idea about as a male/husband.  Her classes were very in depth, very frank and open about sensitive topics and she was a good resource in and out of class.  I also liked the follow up after class with extra info.”

“Lori’s experience as a doula gave her a wide range of knowledge.  We liked the open discussions where anyone could ask questions as we made our way through the material.  She is very informative with well grounded opinions.  She is open, friendly, professional, and appropriately casual.”

“I feel great about the service provided.  I feel educated and empowered.  I also liked the relaxation activities and practice exercises.”

“Lori was always happy to answer all the questions we had, and never minded to stay late after class.  She also carries a great deal of positive energy!”

“Lori has a good sense of humor which is very helpful during some of the ‘scarier’ topics.  We appreciate the instructor’s knowledge and approach to the information, the objective information covered, and her insights.  Lori is awesome!”

“The instructor was an excellent teacher.  We were able to practice much of what was discussed.”

“The instructor gave good examples from her experience which gave relevance to the topics covered.  We also liked the hands on activities and found them very useful.”

“Lori is a great teacher with a good sense of humor.”

“The services provided were great.  We especially liked all the insight into alternative methods.  We feel that the facilitator was helpful, knowledgeable, supportive, and amazing.”

“We felt empowered by the whole process and comforted by knowing what to expect.  Class was very open, instructor flexible and easy to talk to.  We liked knowing that it is ok to ask for anything at the hospital and learning various techniques for labor and postpartum.”

“We liked hearing the pros and cons of all the areas regarding labor and birth and being able to make our own decisions.  We felt that she (Lori) was very helpful, knowledgeable, supportive, and positive.”

“Lori was always upbeat and energetic.  She was great and very informative.  We appreciated the hands on learning and if she didn’t know the answer to a question she went out of her way to find the answer.  Lori is awesome.”

“Lori was always available for questions during or after class and via email.  I liked the stages of labor classes and practicing relaxation techniques.”

“We liked the content of the classes.  We came in not knowing anything about the birth process and now feel more confident about the decisions needed.  We enjoyed and found the visual aids useful.  We also liked the real life examples provided.  We enjoyed the whole class.  We highly recommend this class to others.”

“We liked the delivery of the information.  Lori is clearly very passionate and extremely knowledgeable which makes all the class information easier to digest.  The instructor enhanced our learning experience by using visuals and sharing experiences.  We were seriously so pleased with Lori!  We were so impressed by her knowledge and passion we hired her as our Doula.”

“What we liked best about the classes was the humor and fun atmosphere.  Lori provided lots of personal experience and stories as a doula.  She has a very engaging teaching style that is extremely informative and also entertaining.  We also enjoyed all the visuals.”

“Lori was very informative and practical.  She had a great balance of information and encouraged us to make educated decisions.  She enhanced our learning experience with humor and real stories that brought information to life.”

“Lori gave relevant examples that would be helpful in the childbirth/postpartum period.  She’s incredibly accommodating to our scheduling needs and answered so many additional questions.  She went above and beyond to address a multitude of scenarios.”

“We really liked Lori’s personal input and wisdom.  She kept the class personal and informative.”

“Lori has a wonderful attitude no matter what kind of direction questions during class took.  We felt very comfortable to ask her anything.  She often recommended additional resources during class and she was great about sending these via e-mail during the week between classes.  This was really helpful.”

“Lori is fantastic, knowledgeable, and caring. We felt that the service provided was really excellent.  We loved so many aspects to class like feeling empowered about the birth process.”

“The service provided by Lori was amazing.  She has a strong knowledge of the natural birthing process and truly makes the class easy to follow when material can be difficult.  We liked best that Lori was able to make the class fun and educational at the same time.  There were not any parts that we didn’t like.  Every part of the class was crucial to the birthing process.  I would definitely recommend this educator to all expecting families I meet.  Lori was absolutely thorough in the subjects covered in class.  We now feel prepared for the birth of our baby.  Everything was planned out perfectly.”

“The classes were excellent and very informative!”

“We really liked the stories shared and the tools given to help us.  The instructor was very personal and passionate about birth and babies.  Thanks for taking time to learn our names, take photos and small things like sending us emails with examples of birth preferences and resources.”

“We liked all the extensive information about the stages of labor and the matter of fact approach to all the medical alternatives to this process.  Lori’s personal experience (stories) bring the class materials to life.  She brings a simultaneously caring and no-nonsense approach to all of the topics.  She made the classroom a warm and safe place to learn.  I would recommend this class and Lori as an instructor to others.”

“Lori always shared information with a smile.  We loved her openness and how she’s not afraid of questions.”

“I liked the amount of information I learned in class, it definitely made me more comfortable about the whole birthing process.  She really explained all the things we needed to know to the ‘T’.”

“Lori was very thorough!  No questions were too silly or off the table.  We liked how she had us engage in life like exercises.”

“Lori was wonderful and very informative.  She’s a wealth of knowledge.  We really liked the activities and visual aids.”

“The instructor is very experienced and knowledgeable.  She is a natural teacher and does a great job keeping your attention.”

“Lori was approachable and always answered questions.  She is extremely supportive.  I liked everything.  Lori is an asset to Harmony.  We covered topics I was expecting to be covered and more.”

“These classes were wonderful.  We really liked the demonstrations of birth positions, relaxation exercises, videos, and willingness to answer questions.  Thanks for a great class!  Lori is funny, personal, and knowledgable.”

“The service provided was excellent!  We are absolutely pleased that we took this class.  Lori’s materials were quite thorough and her sharing of experience was invaluable.  I also liked the ‘real’ artifacts she brought in and the videos.  This helped make it more visual and the experience more tangible.  Thank you Lori for adding the personal touch.”

“It was so nice to have a small class with other parents.  We really enjoyed all the stories and ‘props’.  Loved all the visual aids.”

“This class was great.  We feel very informed.  The class length (8 weeks) was good for training the body physically and thinking about what is involved with having a baby before and after.  This class made me drink more water and eat more protein and keep up with exercising which helped my muscle tone.”


“It’s hard to say what we liked best.  We really enjoyed the relaxation techniques.  There was lots of good information that was not in our pregnancy books and videos.”

“We really liked the extra tips and information provided that wasn’t found in our reading.  We enjoyed the class.  Thank you very much!  We learned a lot!”

“It was a great class filled with really good information and now we feel very prepared for our baby.  I liked the real life situations Lori told us about and useful tips.  Lori is a great teacher and has a great personality.”

“We really appreciated the quick email response and follow ups.  Thank you!”

“We felt that we were given very useful advice and tips for dealing with the whole childbirth process.  We liked the advice on nutrition and breastfeeding, and the explanations on the different phases of labor. Thank you for all the great information!   I definitely feel more confident about the whole labor process and how to prepare for it.”

“We really liked her humor, her truthfulness, and the objective point of view.  She is very educated and informative.”

“This was a very helpful and pleasant experience.  We really liked our instructor’s demeanor and expressive ways of information given.  She was always smiling, positive, and objective.”

“The educator Lori provided a great service.  She was very thorough, had a great presentation style, and had the right energy.  Even I, the husband found the class enjoyable and looked forward to it.  Lori was an incredibly good instructor.  Kind, loving and patient.  She made us feel more comfortable with the birthing process.  She used real world examples from her very real experiences.  She’s very approachable, and available for additional questions.”

“We really enjoyed the anecdotal stories from Lori’s years of experience with pregnancy and birth, her ability to answer impromptu questions, and class discussions.  We especially liked the squatting video.  Lori is a knowledgeable and approachable instructor.  This was a great class.”

“Lori is an excellent instructor, well organized and well informed!”

“Lori is very passionate about this subject, she is very confident, and very knowledgeable.  She is honest when she doesn’t know something.”

“I give Lori 5 stars!  I feel like the instructor Lori was really informed and helped so much to feel like you could do it!  She is a great instructor and made you feel welcome and comfortable.”

“This class was a wonderful source of information regarding pregnancy, labor and the postpartum process.  We really enjoyed learning about pain medication and other interventions during labor.  We really appreciated all of the information and advice given in this class and look forward to practicing everything we’re comfortable using.”

“This class was very informative, I now feel much more educated about my birth options.  We really enjoyed the information that was provided in each class.  Thank you for the great classes!”

“Lori provided great information and is very informative.  We liked the relaxation techniques.  Lori is very knowledgeable and thoughtful.  We are very impressed by her class and professionalism.  Great job!”

“Lori’s class was really great.  Lori was a brilliant instructor and thoroughly informative and enjoyable.  We liked the style of instruction and content, encouragement of participation, and relaxation techniques.  Thanks for teaching this class.  It’s a fantastic resource and has helped us make many more informed decisions.”

“Lori was excellent.  We liked the amount of information, Lori’s personal experience was very helpful.  Lori was fabulous!”

“Lori was a very supportive, warm, and open instructor.  We most liked the classes on laboring techniques, postnatal care and the videos.”

“Lori’s class was excellent and very informative.  We really liked the relaxation practices, Q&A’s with the teacher, and the clear instructions.  It’s a great class for anyone.”


“We loved Lori’s very precise lectures and answering of questions.  She is very effective at transmitting knowledge.  We really enjoyed this class!”

“This class was FANTASTIC – we learned so much and feel far better prepared.  The things we liked best were the models of anatomy, hands on items, variety of videos and discussions with Q&A from class.  Take Lori’s class!”

“Thank you, Lori!  Your teaching style is clear and your having had 4 children (and thus able to speak from experience) was very much appreciated.  We appreciated the very practical information about the birthing process, and your openness to questions.”

“The classes were excellent!  Lori was thorough and very caring and shared her own experiences.  Hurray for Lori!  We love her!”

“We felt that Lori provided a great educational program.  We liked how both partners were equally encouraged to learn and participate.  Lori was a wonderful instructor, we both were equally happy!”

Ann & Joel

“The service provided was superb, very informative, and eye-opening.  The videos were great.  The instructors love and passion of her teaching is greatly encouraging.  Thank you Lori!  You have helped make this pregnancy a wonderful experience.”

“This class was superb!  Lori was very great and really explained everything well!  We liked the knowledge and great atmosphere.  I felt we could ask any questions we needed to.  We really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot.  Thank you very much!”

“We felt this class was very thorough.  Excellent instructor, wonderful, happy, calm energy kept format interesting-”

“We liked the relaxation techniques, the organization of information and the videos.  The workbook combined gave a wonderful picture of what to expect in all cases.  Lori is a great teacher – organized and thorough, fun and kind.”


Gina & Aaron

“Childbirth classes were wonderful.  It was truly interesting to learn so much about pregnancy and birth.  I think the nutrition advise truly helped me to feel healthy throughout pregnancy.  The labor information was really reassuring!”

Susanne &Rob

“I found the class very beneficial.  It reinforced my ideas about childbirth and provided a support network of people who believe in natural childbirth.  Also, it clarified many concepts I had read about in books.   It also encouraged me to do appropriate exercises to prepare for birth.  The videos were also helpful since I had only watched a birth once or twice many years ago.  The visuals, as well as different birth stories helped me understand how much childbirth can vary.  I also enjoyed having discussions with the other class members.”


Leah & Anthony

“Our birth classes were so fun and informative.  We really looked forward to our Tuesday night get togethers.  We met so many wonderful people and Lori was so awesome and supportive.  We feel that our classes were most beneficial.  We learned so much and were able to discuss our feelings and concerns and we really enjoyed the videos.”


Fuchsia & Rhamis

“The Bradley Method helped to make our labor and birth a beautiful experience.  Looking back I forget the pain and only remember the peacefulness and serenity that surrounded our baby when she was born.  Because there were no interventions and we knew what to expect we trusted that my body could handle labor.  The fear aspect was almost taken away.  Having your first child is an experience no one can ever fully prepare you for, but my Bradley instructor (Lori Ismail) made me believe I could do it and not once did I ask for drugs or help or say I couldn’t do it.  Thank you!”

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