May 2014

The Cesarean rates for 2012 have been released for California Listed here from worst to best Good Samaritan – 42% Sequoia – 32.6% El Camino MV – 32.8% Washington (Fremont) – 32.2% Kaiser Santa Clara – 30.1% Valley – 29.9% O’Connor – 29.9% Packard – 28.8% Regional – 27.4% Dominican – 26.7% St Louise – […]

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth about breastfeeding including the functions and benefits, the infant formula controversy, politics, socio-demographic factors, common objections, facilitation and much more. Click here to view video

El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos will be offering a new class for pregnant and mothers of infants at no-cost. Pregnancy and Postpartum Resiliency Circle is a six week class focused on building resilience and coping skills for women who may be experiencing high levels of stress or are at risk of developing depression during […]