Class Make-up Policy

Childbirth Prep Class Make-up Policy

We strongly encourage our students to be present at every scheduled class in their Childbirth Prep series. The quality of your learning experience is dependent on being present to receive all the material, as the concepts presented are interdependent. Your teacher and classmates benefit from continuity of attendance as well. Please choose dates accordingly.

Occasionally there are situations beyond your control, like illness, which demand that you miss class. We have the following policy regarding make-ups:

  • Please notify the instructor before the class, so that she knows not to wait on you.
  • The instructor will provide you with missed learning materials including class assignments/ suggested reading/ handouts/ etc. via email or at the next class meeting as appropriate.
  • Instructors are available 15 minutes prior to or after class to answer questions. Any time beyond this is considered a consultation at the rate of $50 per hour, payable directly to the teacher at the time of the consultation. Please notify the instructor if you would like to schedule a consultation.
  • Instructors are not responsible for submitting learning materials for no-shows without prior notification.
  • Exceptions to this policy are at the instructor’s discretion.

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