December 2011

Blossom Natural Childbirth Class 62.0

Congratulations to our Natural Childbirth Class Graduates! Blossom Birth Center Palo Alto October 26 – December 21, 2011 Left to Right: Alma & Raymond, Annie & Kevon, Cecil & Joe, Elaine & Ted Missing in Photo: Frances & Domenic, Tabitha & Adam, Laura & Mike, Natalia & Maxim

“Swedish researchers studied 334 infants, randomly assigning half to have their cords clamped within 10 seconds of birth and the rest to clamping after three minutes or longer. The two groups were statistically identical in gestational age, head circumference, health and age of the mother, and other characteristics.” Click Here to view the rest of […]

A small change in how babies are delivered might abolish infantile anaemia. This article cites a study just published in the British Medical Journal by obstetrician Ola Andersson. “Childhood anaemia is a problem. Around the world, almost a quarter of under-fives suffer from it. And anaemia is not a trivial thing. A child’s development, both […]