Type of Caregiver Can Make a Big Difference in Labor Experience

Continuous Labor Support Reduces Risk of Cesarean Section and Other Adverse Outcomes in Women and Newborns

Source: Childbirth Connection

Excellent article talking about current research showing the benefits of continuous labor support / birth doula care!

“Women who labor with a dedicated support companion are less likely than women without such support to experience a series of risky birth procedures, according to a review published in the current issue of The Cochrane Library. The comprehensive study of experiences of 15,061 women who participated in 21 randomized controlled trials confirms previously known benefits for maternal health, identifies an additional benefit for newborns, and finds no downsides. The study was carried out through the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration, an independent international organization that prepares and keeps up to date rigorous systematic reviews of evidence from the best available studies.”

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