March 2010

Part of a new educational offering by Lamaze. A wonderful new website – – has all sorts of really good video based information including the Six Care Practices That Support Normal Birth. If you haven’t seen them yet, please take the time now. You will be pleasantly impressed. Click Here: Mother’s Advocate Videos

Blossom Bradley Class 39.0

Congratulations to our Bradley Graduates! Blossom Birth Center Palo Alto January 17, 2010 – March 14, 2010 Left to Right: Winnie & Dave, Jessie & Dan, Elaine & Wes, Amanda & Ryan, Elise & Robert, Cara & Kyle Missing in Photo: Johonna & Aaron

An interesting article on delayed cord clamping The benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping and the risks associated with immediate clamping of the umbilical cord. Click Here for the link to the article by Claudine Crews CPM, LM