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Doula Information & Guidelines 

Childbirth Assistant: One who is specially trained to provide skilled non-medical support to the birthing woman and/or couple for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period; assists clients in choosing the birth and parenting path which most appropriately meets the families needs.

Doula: One who “Mothers the Mother” during labor and postpartum.

Here are a few guidelines so that parents may understand how I function as a childbirth assistant/doula:

  • I fully support the decisions that my clients make and will never judge their choices made during pregnancy, labor, birth or the postpartum period.
  • My goal is to help create the best possible birth experience within the goals of my clients & within each birth situation as circumstances arise.
  • I see it as one of my main functions to help protect the dignity of your birth experience and help preserve a positive memory of your wonderful experience.
  • One prenatal appointment is required before the birth to discuss your desired goals. Ideally, everyone that plans to attend your birth (apart from your primary care provider) should be in attendance. This way, we can meet and become familiar with one another and discuss the roles that the laboring couple wish each party to play. Please allow a few hours for this meeting.
  • A written out ‘birth preferences’ or ‘wish list’ is extremely helpful to me and to your medical staff. It is recommended that you state your wishes and desires for birth on paper so that we may know how to best support you and your family.  It is also recommended that you state any allergies or pertinent medical conditions that may be relevant during your pregnancy, labor, and birth.  Your written desires help clarify how your support team may assist you and the other members you wish to share this experience with.
  • If you desire to have your labor and birth photographed and/or videotaped I would be more than happy to do this for you.  All photographs and video footage are taken with the client’s equipment and all original stills and/or video footage will remain with the client.
  • A postpartum visit is made within the first week of birth at the home of the client.

My fee includes

  • A non-refundable retainer that is due at the time of signing the contract.
  • The additional labor support ‘birth fee’ is due 3 weeks before the client’s estimated due date (for a singleton birth) or 6 weeks before the client’s estimated due date (if expecting multiples).
  • The completed signed contract and non-refundable retainer are required to secure your place on my calendar (your due date) as I only take 3 births per month.

For specific price information, please contact Lori directly.

The Retainer Fee includes the following services:

  • Personalized help with your birth plan/preferences
  • 24 hour phone support during pregnancy and early labor
  • Prenatal visit to go over birthing wishes and concerns

The Birth Fee includes:

  • Continuous support during your labor and birth
  • Support beginning in your home or at the hospital; wherever you begin needing my help
  • Postpartum visit at your home

It is recommended that you hire the primary doula that you feel most comfortable with and to look into requesting a secondary backup doula from the doulas that you have interviewed.  This way, (in the rare event of an emergency or) if I happen to be at another birth during the time you need me, a secondary backup doula may be called in to assist you until I am available to come.

Choosing a secondary backup doula from the doula’s you have previously interviewed with allows the client a level of familiarity and ease.  The name and contact information of your backup doula will be listed on the Doula/Family Agreement at the time of completing the contract.

If by chance you have not arranged for your own personal backup doula; I have a few extremely qualified back-up doulas that I may contact in the unlikely case of my unavailability or if an emergency were to arise. Because we have so rarely had to rely upon one another, an in-person visit would not be called for, unless there is a known time that I will be unavailable around your due date. In such a case we would make the appropriate arrangements.

For specific details regarding the services included, please refer to the

Doula/Family Agreement Explanation of Doula Services, or contact Lori Ismail directly

Thank you!

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