Birthing Naturally: Partner Supported Childbirth Class

Lori has been working as a birth professional in the Bay Area since 1998.  She has been a certified childbirth instructor affiliated with The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth from 1998-2011.  Lori is intimately familiar with The Bradley Method® (having taught these classes for 13 years and personally delivered all 4 of her children naturally using this method) and currently continues to teach Natural Childbirth Classes that focus on the partner’s role in supporting the pregnant and laboring mother.

At Early Advantage we recognize that reducing unnecessary interventions, active involvement of the parents, and making informed decisions are important goals for most expectant parents. Our classes help prepare families to feel empowered to make educated decisions, to trust in their bodies, and to maintain the respect and integrity for the natural process of labor and birth.

We incorporate simple and thorough techniques that encourage women to channel their confidence, strength, and relaxed disposition that most women already posses and allow these attributes to carry them through the process of labor and birth. The information, activities, and videos shown help couples develop realistic expectations and learn practical tools that minimize discomfort while allowing labor to progress smoothly.

This course includes time for parents to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally by improving and mastering various relaxation techniques coupled with natural abdominal breathing.  These exercises are vital to parents who wish to allow themselves the ability to let go and surrender to the beautiful unfolding of birth. The birthing partner/coach will use the information and tools learned to maintain an active role in supporting mom during pregnancy, labor and birth.

Our course includes 8 weeks of instruction, a book or ‘Study Guide’, helpful resources, and instruction in coach/partner preparedness, proper exercise and nutrition, anatomy and physiology of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage labor, evidence based care (objectively discussing the effects, benefits, risks, and alternatives of interventions and medications for both mother and infant), complications and cesarean sections, compiling birth preferences (also known as a birth plan) as a family, and postpartum preparation including infant care, supplies, and breastfeeding.  Relaxation techniques and childbirth videos are also included.

Classes have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 couples to allow for optimal interaction with the material and other participants. We recommend scheduling this class to end by 35-37 weeks of gestation. Advance registration is required.

Class Dates 2019


Harmony Birth & Family
621 E Campbell Ave. Ste. 14
Campbell, Ca. 95008
(408) 370-3702


Blossom Birth Services 
290 California Ave
Palo Alto Ca 94306
(650) 321-2326

Instructor: Lori Ismail CBE

Schedule: Eight-week course (one evening per week) on either a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Price: Harmony Class $450 per mom or couple (plus $25 materials fee due to the instructor on the first night of class)

Price: Blossom Class $475 per mom or couple (plus $22 materials fee due to the instructor on the first night of class)

Materials: The materials fee is due to the instructor on the first night of class. This fee covers the cost of the Study Guide that will be supplied to students on the first night of class. The class fee includes all other materials and instruction.

To register, please click on the date below:

Location     Dates

Blossom     Sunday’s Jan 6 – Feb 24, 2019 

Harmony    Tuesday’s Jan 8 – Feb 26 – Full

Blossom     Wednesday’s Feb 13 – April 3 – Full 

Harmony    Thursday’s Feb 14 – April 4 – 2 spots avail

Blossom     Wednesday’s April 17 – June 12 (Skip 6/5) – 2 spots avail

Blossom     Sunday’s June 2 – July 21 

Harmony    Tuesday’s June 4 – July 23 – 1 spot avail

Blossom     Wednesday’s July 10 – Aug 28

Harmony    Thursday’s July 11 – Aug 29

Blossom     Sunday’s Aug 18 – Oct 13 (Skip 9/1)

Harmony    Tuesday’s Aug 27 – Oct 15

Blossom     Wednesday’s Sep 25 – Nov 13

Harmony    Thursday’s Sep 26 – Nov 14

Blossom     Sunday’s Oct 27 – Dec 15

Harmony    Tuesday’s Oct 29 – Dec 17

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

A refund can be made only if completed at least two weeks prior to the start date of the class in which you are enrolled.  This is due to our commitment to small class sizes and because our staff commits to each class based on a minimum enrollment being met.  Last minute cancellations or no-shows would leave empty spots other families could have taken.

We are sorry, but we cannot pro-rate the cost of a series if you must miss one or more session(s).  Our fee remains the same due to small class sizes, class supplies, use of the room, registration, and overhead.